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  Portable Vis-NIR Spectrometer

Analytik are exclusive UK and Ireland suppliers of ASD’s high performance portable spectrometers for the lab, the field and the factory.

We will be happy to work together with you on a solution with the full support of the ASD team, based in Colorado, USA. Visit our contact page, request a quote, or call us on +44 (0)870 991 4044.


LabSpec 4

Faster, more accurate and more portable, the updated LabSpec 4 spectrometer is a versatile and precise measurement device in a mobile package. The LabSpec 4 line uses ASD’s cutting-edge near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to measure a wide variety of solids and liquids with exacting results in the lab or on site.

NIR energy penetrates several millimeters into organic substances to evaluate multiple properties simultaneously, allowing the system to analyse materials in real-time with minimal sample prep required. The new LabSpec 4 full-range Vis/NIR (350-2500 nm) analyser features several enhanced capabilities over previous models including:

  • Enhanced configuration provides a twofold increase in performance in the SWIR region for faster, more complete material measurement.
  • Well-balanced, consistent signal-to-noise characteristics at high analytic throughput rates, allowing the precise processing of hundreds of samples per day.
  • Improved portability thanks to a standard 802.11g Wi-Fi connection and an optional ruggedised fiber optic cable.

Key Features:


  • Portable, rugged and robust, yet with no compromise in performance
  • 350-2500 nm spectral range
  • Extreme sensitivity with Cooled InGaAs TurboScanner™ technology
  • Up to 2150 data points per spectra (1 nm data interval)
  • Complete spectra collected in 100 ms (0.1 sec)
  • Unique low stray light post dispersive optical system
  • Industry standard SMA fibre optic connectivity enables countless sampling capabilities
  • Real time interface with Grams™, Unscrambler® and other chemometrics packages

LabSpec 4 Models:


  • The LabSpec 4 Standard-Res, with a 10 nm resolution, is optimised for measurement of materials with broader spectral features, such as food and feed products, forestry products, and a variety of raw materials.
  • The LabSpec 4 Hi-Res, with a high spectral resolution of 6 nm, is ideally suited for measuring materials that have sharp, well-defined spectral features, such as polymers, petrochemicals, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceutical active ingredients.
  • Note: Both the Hi-Res and Standard-Red models of the LabSpec 4 are available as “i" models – these include an internal broad-spectrum halogen light source useful in measuring liquids, slurries, small sample sizes as well as other application that may require analysis using fibre optic sample probes.



  • Raw materials and finished products verification - through the packaging
  • Prediction of quantative chemical and physical parameters
  • Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmetics
  • Counterfeit drug detection
  • Plastics, polymers and films
  • Food, beverage and dairy
  • Petrochemicals, biodiesel and biomass
  • Heritage research in museums, galleries, libraries, archives and historic properties

          (e.g. dating of historic parchments, pigment analysis of illuminated manuscripts)

Request a quote for LabSpec 4 or call us on UK: +44 (0)870 991 4044 / Ireland: +353 (0)151 43753.



LabSpec 4 Standard-Res Datasheet

LabSpec 4 Hi-Res Datasheet

LabSpec 4 Series Chart




  ASD FieldSpec 4 in use at the Department of Manuscripts and Printed Books at the Fitzwilliam Museum


Application Notes:

Raw materials ID: Incoming inspection using portable NIR through the packaging

Nutraceuticals: Testing raw materials and finished products using portable NIR

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals: On the spot detection using portable NIR

Corn starch: Quantification of moisture content using portable NIR

Biofuels production: Real time non-destructive analysis using portable NIR

Multilayer plastic packaging: Monitor thickness using portable NIR



It's not easy being green: a spectroscopic study of green pigments used in illuminated manuscripts

Looking beneath Dali’s paint: non-destructive canvas analysis

Is there evidence for change to collagen within parchment samples after exposure to an X-ray dose?

Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy: a potential new means of assessing multi-phase earth-built heritage


News Releases:

Analytik reports on the use of the LabSpec Vis-NIR portable spectrometer to study historic materials

Analytik reports on the use of the ASD’s LabSpec system at UCL for the study of Dali canvases

Analytik announces the publication of their Fitzwilliam Museum users of a FieldSpec 4

Analytik reports on the use of the LabSpec 4 portable Vis-NIR spectrometer at Cranfield University

Analytik reports on the pigment analysis of illuminated manuscripts at the Fitzwilliam Museum

Analytik announces the release of ASD Inc.’s LabSpec 4 line of portable NIR instrumentation

The US Food & Drugs Administration has followed the UK’s MHRA with purchase of two ASD LabSpec

Essential nutrition use ASD LabSpec portable NIR for raw materials verification



Visit ASD Inc, a PANalytical company, website


ASD’s LabSpec 4 - portable, rugged and robust, yet with no compromise in performance


Extreme sensitivity allows through the packaging raw material verification


Sampling accessory - high-intensity contact probe


Sampling accessory - muglite


Sampling accessory - turntable



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